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…Apply Liberally, Whenever You Feel Like It!

Solid Dose is a place where, if you like to give publicity to your love for electronic music, you can – crowd-blogging with benefits – and it’s open to anyone with a dose of goodness, wanting to share it!

The active ingredient is that our community of electronic music makers, performers, promotors and lovers, are the passionate type of people who you want to be sharing your own passion with – everyone here will want to be on it with you – the therapeutic advantages are limitless…

Step 1

Step 2

  • Start Formulating Your Doses – Straight Into the Solid Dose Dashboard

Your Dose Should Fit Into One of Our Categories … If your category doesn’t exist yet – contact us and we’ll add it for you!

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 Step 3

  • Submit Your Finished Dose For Publishing – We’ll tart it up a bit, post it up and let you get on with telling the world to get on it!

Final Step – and the most important…

  • Enjoy what you write! And, Let other people on the crew know how much you enjoy what they write! Sharing is caring!