SOLID REVIEW: Apollonia @ Mint Club, Leeds (UK)

Apollonia-Trio Overlaid


Operating Theatre: Mint Club
City: Leeds, UK
Date/Time: 22nd Feb 2014 / 22:00 – 06:00
Dosage Description: A masterclass in track selection and how to build energy in a DJ set – despite three DJs spinning their own selections back to back to back!
Side Effect(s):  Feeling the groove and the Parisian underground sound
Crew Member in Attendance: Ben
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Solid Review: Arriving shortly before midnight we caught the very end of the warm up DJs who had clearly done a very good job of it; the crowd were feeling energetic and the right side of friendly making for a nice welcoming vibe which soon had us moving our feet. They left the booth with a particularly punchy Techno roller to get the crowd grooving and ready to cheer Dan, Dyed and Shonky into the booth to begin their 6 hour shift behind the wheels of steel.

Dan began the set and in keeping with the Techno vibe he, Dyed and Shonky proceeded to lay down a series of minimal Techno and Tech House tracks which laid bare the groove crafting & melding credentials of these masters of the art to the expectant crowd. Of course they didn’t disappoint; inflections of jazzy percussive breaks plus occasional nu-soul & disco-tinged synth lines keeping the deep minimal sound light enough to remain buoyant. This all led to the switch up to a brighter Tech House vibe which was welcomed by a cheer from everyone in the room, just one of the many demonstrations of how to win a crowd over, in this case by using the contrast in sounds to catch the room off guard.

From then on the grooves came thick and seamlessly. The set progressed onwards and introduced elements in ever incremental steps; vocals, lengthy build-ups for anticipation, more aggressive bass lines and of course smoke cannons onto the crowd at the flash points helped build the frenzy in welcome doses. All in all a throughly enjoyable showcase of House and Techno DJing. This all goes towards concluding that for all of you Tech House fans out there, catching an Apollonia show sometime this year would be a very good idea indeed.

Solid Dose Health Rating: 4 out of 5 ( Quadruple By-pass!)

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