SOLID DOSE: Social Media Advice (Consistency is the Key)

Social-Media-LogosMaking a presence for yourself as an artist on SoundcloudMixcloudTwitterFacebookBandcamp, (the list goes on), is – for the modern independent musician – as much of a rite of passage as standing outside of gigs at 4am stuffing flyers into the unsuspecting hands of passers-by…

So, how do you make Soundcloud your ally? Mixcloud your mastery? And Twitter your mouthpiece to the masses?

Well, Luckily for you this is a question that has been brought to the forefront of everyone’s attention by numerable ‘Social Media Music Stars’ making the dream a reality – of course we do NOT mean you make the next Chocolate Rain, but there are many guides out there on how you can make a meaningful contribution to a social media community and benefit greatly from it. Spend a few hours with your feet up and let Google help you make the aforementioned forums your bitch and avoid feeling it’s the other way around.

We recommended you check out the selected piece of essential reading I’ve selected to get you started first – it’s an ocean out there and you need to avoid drowning – make sure you also read the comments to help you form your own opinions.


Have you already done some research on this? If you have then you probably already know these 3 common themes required to become a time-savvy, rocket fuelled social media mogul:

  • Produce QUALITY

To keep you focussed you need to have a little bit of discipline. Choose the forums that suit your artistic style and stick to them.

Begin to develop an inner mantra for yourself to go by, much like the three points above – this will help maintain your consistency.

Quality in this case means – of what you put out on each platform.

For example, on Twitter, if you want people to know you better AS AN ARTIST they do not need to know “I just made myself a shit sandwich for elevenses” – they may need to know – “I love listening to Kate Bush in the wake of torrential downpours, when I’m running nude through the lush countryside”- If this fits your image – yes you can be wacky – just try to be relevant at the same time!

(Perhaps consider having a separate professional and a social account? At least until you’re famous enough for people to care a bit more?…cruel to be kind perhaps…)

THE ACID TEST: If you have 60,000 Twitter Followers, announce the release of your brand new track on Soundcloud, which then gets less than 500 plays in your first week – YOU ARE DOING SOMETHING VERY WRONG ON TWITTER.


Each platform has it’s own idiosyncrasies which can either exhilarate or infuriate. Get certain tricks nailed and you’ll be rewarded. We’re learning them all ourselves here at Solid Dose, so as we come across them we’ll be sure to let you know.

For your first example you should read our Soundcloud Selection Mixtape Article, where we show that giving your music away for Free can be 100 x more valuable to your artistic career than charging any sum of money for it.

I’ll leave you with this telling short article from SB:TV’s , now-turned-multi-millionaire, owner Jamal Edwards which I happened upon during a flight to Copenhagen last year.

 -/ Ben