SOLID DOSE MIXTAPE #2 – The Solid Dose Soundcloud Selections


Here at Solid Dose we have a particular passion for 3 things:

  • Introducing You to New Music
  • Promoting Up-and-Coming Artists We Like & Support


  • Inspiring You With Advice On How to Kickstart, Invigorate, or Bolster Your Own Musical Ventures

In this installment of the Solid Dose Mixtape we set out to kill all three birds with one hefty hunk of musical fruit


For our mixtape this month I set out on an exploration of Soundcloud with two goals in mind.

Firstly, finding top quality artists to present for all of you to hear. This has been truly delivered as we have 20 stellar tracks, from 18 truly exciting artists. We’ve very happily included Bio’s and links for each artist below so you can get to know them better.

The other point I was trying to make? Every one of these tracks was being given away free – this just goes to show the wealth of musical talent out there to be found.

Giving away music for free is a tried and tested means for musicians to get themselves out there and build up a strong fan base, whether it’s Bob Dylan playing free gigs in Greenwich Village circa 1960, or You offering a free download on Soundcloud tomorrow. The way to make fans fall in love with your song is to get it on their iPod, phone, laptop, whatever – get them listening, they’ll play it to their friends – and so it goes…

Now if you’re a musician DO NOT COMPARE YOURSELF AND LET ANY OF THIS SCARE YOU, instead draw inspiration from any examples you find – DO WHAT YOU DO FOR THE LOVE OF THE THE MUSIC, otherwise you will only keep being disappointed.

So, get stuck into the mix, you may well not like every song but I’m confident you’ll find something – if not let us know via one of the communities we’re in and we’ll catch something for you next time…!




Artist(s): Evil Needle & OriJanus
Track: Nobuo Uematsu – Fanfare (Evil Needle X OriJanus Remix)

Bio: Situated in Strasbourg, Evil Needle, is a producer and composer who draws upon his inspirations in laid-back beats and soundscape creation to take you on journeys into hip-hop, with a tripped out edge. Collab’ing with the rawer energy of Cali-based beatmaker, OriJanus, on this one has proved very popular on Soundcloud racking up over 100k plays. Despite their beats having distinctly different flavours, this came about thanks to OriJanus instigating the idea, so why not take his lead and contact your own contemporaries? – from SD

Links: Evil Needle’s Website :: OriJanus’ Soundcloud



Artist: Sarah Winters

Track: Swimming Pools (Kendrick Lamar Cover)

Bio: Sarah Winters is the muse we’re all (not-so-)secretly longing for in our lives. Presently bound to this Earth in North America, but not bound by state borders, her avant-garde sound cultivating her inevitably flourishing demand across the continent. She is in fact owner of one singularly stunning instrument, her voice, resonate, quavering, and with control and fragility in disarming harmony. Truly, an effortless pleasure to listen to and absorb. Sarah tells us that she is currently working on some new tunes and we hope now that you’re looking forward to them as well. – from SD

Links: Sarah’s Soundcloud :: Sarah’s Tumblr


Reyf & Eidner

Artist(s): Benedikt Frey / Reyf & Eidner
Track(s): B.F. – Indica (Frey Redub)Eleven, Eight, Eight, Seven

Bio: Typically understated, Benedikt Frey (Pictured Left) is an artist who likes to let his music do the talking and why not? Preferring to keep his musical exploits very much underground, giving his brand of grooving Techno a ‘rare’ feeling and affording him fans who really appreciate his music. Another alias under which Benedikt makes music is Venedikt Reyf; Working with Paul Eidner (Pictured Right), under the performing name Reyf & Eidner, this duo have produced further fine examples of earnest Techno trax and so I’ve added them to my further listening list, as should you. – from SD

Links: Benedikt’s Soundcloud :: Benedikt’s RA Page


Artist: Yare
Track: Stevie Wonder – Superstition (Yare Bootleg)

Bio: Basel is where house and techno DJ/Producer Yare calls home. With his remix finding it’s way onto the Facebook of a certain German Techno maven by the name of Henrik Schwarz – with deserved praise I might add – I’m going to be awaiting Yare’s next cut with keen ears, as can you via his links below. – from SD

Links: Yare’s Soundcloud :: Yare’s Facebook


Artist: Uncle Dog
Track(s): Lorde – Royals (Uncle Dog Remix)

Bio: For more than 25 years Uncle Dog has been DJing and producing records in Europe and around the world. Born and raised in London, he now finds residence in Italy running UOMO Records as co-executive producer and A&R. He works as a House and Electro DJ in Italy and Spain, appreciated for his respect of quality dance music and his understanding of the underground music scene. – from Uncle Dog’s Soundcloud

Links: Uncle Dog’s Soundcloud ::
UOMO Record’s RA Page (In Italiano) ::


Artist: XO
Track(s): TLC – No Scrubs (XO remix) / Golden

Bio: XO, a.k.a Sunil Heera, is an impressive talent who in his few productions, ready for you to listen to on his Soundcloud, has not only shown his exponential growth as a producer in an impressively short 10 months, but also that he is an artist with his focus set exactly where he needs it to be: making jacking dance floor fillers, with hooks and rhythms to move you. We’d make a bet that Sunil will be making his XO alias a serious name for contention in the vibrant UK House and Garage scene during 2014, XLR8R and Mixmag seem to think so too. We’ll be making the effort to keep posted with him and find out.

Links: XO’s Soundcloud :: XO’s Facebook Page


Artist: Moon Boots
Track(s): No One

Bio: You should really check Boot’s own bio which is barmy, but brilliant. His music? Balmy…and brilliant. Now when we say balmy, we mean in the warm fuzzy sense of the world, Boot’s tracks seem to have some kind of rosy glow about them. Not sure what I mean? Neither am I really, it just sounded good in my head and that’s the whole point right? – from SD

Links: Moon Boot’s Soundcloud :: Moon Boot’s RA Page


Artist: Bobby Tank
Track(s): The XX – Fiction (Bobby Tank Remix)

Bio: A self-taught producer, drummer, bassist, guitarist, keyboard player and turntablist, Bobby Tank stumbled across a new kind of future-funk after entering the world of computer music. Over a series of releases he has established himself as a “mad maximalist” akin to Rustie and Hudson Mohawke. – from Bobby’s site

Links: Bobby’s Website :: Bobby’s Soundcloud

Matt Cooper banner

Artist: Max Cooper
Track(s): Max Cooper – Echoes (Applescal Remix) / Nils Frahm – For (Max Cooper Remix)

Bio: A man of many wonders, the Irish-bork, London-based producer Max Cooper has been wowing people ever since he released his first EP, One is None, back in 2007. A man who has worked in in small doses of music, has released more than 50 original and remixes since he began producing. Now, Max Cooper is ready to announce the release of his debut full-length album, HUMAN, out March 10th, 2014. – from

Links: Max’s Website :: Max’s Soundcloud


Artist: Tipper
Track(s): Algae Bloom In Seven

Bio: A pioneer in the mastery of musical technology and equally masterful in his productions. Quite frankly a musician you must read more about to appreciate the scope of his career – one of my favourite electronic producers, so in my search I was mightily chuffed to find my checking in to his Soundcloud rewarded and then some. – from SD

Links: Tipper’s Website :: Tipper’s Wikipedia Page


Artist: Forss
Track(s): City PortsSpeech Craft (No Sleep Til Dawn Remix By Forss)

Bio: It’s by happy coincidence that the music of Soundcloud Co-founder, Erik Wahlforss found it’s place here with us. Honestly, I simply stumbled upon Forss’ music during my exploration of Soundcloud and was concordantly inspired and re-invigorated by what I heard during my lengthy absorption of his multi-faceted musical endeavours. You should be doubly excited to dive headlong into not only his music, but also into his other inspirations such as Ecclesia – a project melding the audible and visual arts into an iPod and iPad hosted experience.

It’s testament to Erik’s support of the Soundcloud community that he took the time to answer when I let him know we’d include his tracks in our mix. It’s the little things that count and I appreciated it. – from SD

Links: Forss’ Website :: Forss’ Soundcloud :: Link to Ecclesia on Itunes


Artist: Harold Alexis
Track(s): Summer Flow

Bio: Harold Alexis is a talented producer of hailing from Toronto, whose laid-back remixes have been making quite the stir online. On his Soundcloud you’ll also be treated to his progressive house tracks, but it’s his voyages into downtempo that most prominently show his breath-taking talent for crafting scintillating moods throughout his music. I heard Harold’s sound whilst enjoying DJ Luc Forlorn’s regular Namaste mixes on Mixcloud. I was treated to his fantastic remix of DJ Saint – Souls and we’d love to hear more from him on that particular track, but we shall have to ask him about that. – from SD

Links: Harold’s Soundcloud :: Harold’s Facebook


Artist: Shigeto
Track(s): Soosh – Always (Shigeto Remix)

Bio: Beat-driven but given to richly textured sound design, rhythmically fractured but melodically sumptuous, Shigeto’s music is a bridge between the past and present, bringing the artist face to face with a creative legacy that spans decades. – from

I’ll be following Shigeto closely from now on and enjoying his music in my own playlists. – from SD

Links: Shigeto’s Soundcloud :: Shigeto on

Artist: Indigo
Track(s): Absent


Bio: Manchester based artist Indigo has been blurring the ethereal boundaries of Electronica since his first 12″ release on his own label Mindset in 2008. While some find a steady groove and settle into a formula, he has been evolving with releases and remixes on a selection of diverse labels, holding a strong foundation with his own imprint. Taking all tempos and throwing them into a diverse melting pot of sonics, and performing memorable DJ sets to the same level of eclecticism. – from Exit

Links: Indigo’s Soundcloud :: Indigo on Tumblr :: Indigo on Twitter


Artist: Om Unit
Track(s): Machinedrum – Gunshotta (Om Unit’s Rollers VIP)

Bio: Om Unit has established himself as one of the most consistent and original artists in the electronic sphere. Based in London, the producer first made his mark with a reworking of Joker’s ‘Digi Design’…an artist of time-tested talent in electronic performance and production, Om Unit is a fine example of how staying true to your integrity as a musician, shirking the ordinary and striving for the extra-ordinary in your music can, and rightly does, pay dividends. –adapted from Om Unit’s Soundcloud

Links: Om Unit’s Soundcloud :: Om Unit’s RA Page


Artist: Jason oS
Track(s): Love and Hate

Bio: Based in Quebec, Jason oS is an exciting producer of Ambient, Experimental Drum n Bass with a rich and deep Soundcloud portfolio well worth dipping your toe in. His aptitude for marrying lush synth’s with engrossing pad sounds in his creation of wide open soundscapes (we’re talking galactic) has made his music one of my personal revelations from this process – make sure you catch his music now so you can say you were in it with him from the start.

Links: Jason’s Soundcloud :: Jason on Last Fm


We’ve written an advisory guide for you about how you might go about approaching your own career in the social media frenzy – click here to head to the article and of course we will be bringing you more advice on these sort of topics as we find them scattered around cyberspace! Hopefully, we can help you out.


So, there you have it, a diverse mix of artists whose music you can now delve into thanks to social media; we sincerely hope that you’ll be inspired by some of the music you’ve heard…at the very least, you’ve gained 16 examples of real people demonstrating good use of social media to build their image, increase their outreach and involve their fan communities.

If you’re really not in the mood for any further reading then you need look no further than Solid Dose for your example of contributing online to social media music communities – encouraging artists to promote themselves and readers to get involved in any way they can via our chosen outlets

Thank you to all the artists who allowed us permission to use their tracks and promote them to you. We hope to have you back on Solid Dose soon – (Especially if our readers out there tell us you’re their favourite artist on Solid Dose’s Twitter and Facebook)!